US W/UK Party System/Historical

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US W/UK Party System/Historical

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In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt of the Liberal party signs the Reform Act doing the following.

-Abolishes the PV (do to many parties contesting general elections) and replaces the PV and electoral college with a system of Parliament (the senate remains). Each state gets a certain number of MPs equal to how many EVs it has.
-Or it could be done by state houses (still possible).
-I will still do election night etc (even if its official) as I don't have all the details worked out.
-I will do two versions of this, another one w/just our current system.
-Elections happen usually every 4 or 5 years, for now it is every five and leaders are elected a year before the election USUALLY (in order for both sides to have a contested primary for leadership at the same time, usually they agree to do this well at the same time. But this is not always the case).
-Historically Liberal=Republican and Democrat=Conservative/Tories.
-I will still post candidates EC college totals until I work out the parliamentary ones, and they shouldint be TOO different (note this is not official.

Background on Current Political Parties

Conservative Party = Main Right-Wing Party.
American Labor Party = Main Left-Wing Party/Social Democratic/Democratic Socialist
Liberal Democrats = Centrist/Center-Left, Market Liberalism. Suffered badly for aligning with the Tories in 2010.
California National Party (CNP) = Left-Wing Party, formed in the 70s due to the rise of California Nationalism (California, like Texas would have an active Nationalist/Secessionist movement throughout its History. California would have it from the start, as originally CA would have been it's own country from 1790 to 1850 after overthrowing the Russians only to be conquered by the US)
USIP (United States Independence Party) = Right-Wing/Nationalist party. Started by Ex-Torie, Tom Tancradeo. The parties goal is to get out of the NAEU (North American European Union, formed to fight the currently still existent European Union) . Last election they polled a record 13%, but won just 3 seat and no states. Vote was extremely dispersed.
Green Party = Left-Wing/Eco Socialist Party. Polled a record 3% last time, and won 1 seat.

Hawaii and Alaska would have there own systems, you would have several minor Left-Wing Socialist/Communist parties, some ethnic nationalist parties, a fascist party, etc.

2015 General Election

Mitt Romney (Conservative Party-Utah) 273EV and 35% of the PV
Sherrod Brown (American Labor Party-Ohio) 190EV and 31% of the PV
Kamala Harris (California National Party-California) 55EV and 1.50% of the PV
Mark Udall (Liberal Democrat-Colorado) 18EV and 14% of the PV
Tom Tancradeo (USIP-Colorado) 0EV and 13% of the PV
Laura Wells (Green-Massachusetts) 0EV and 3% of the PV
Others-4.5% of the PV
Alaskan and Hawaii Parties-1% of the PV and 7EV


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